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Ofcom’s Second Public Service Broadcasting Review - Phase 2

From the executive summary:

Ofcom is required by Parliament to review public service broadcasting at least once every five years, and to make recommendations about how its quality can be maintained and strengthened. In doing so, our focus is on audiences’ needs: both understanding them, and ensuring they continue to be met as sweeping changes take place in the media landscape.

Ofcom asked stakeholders for views on findings of a survey on audience’s preferences and on four illustrative models for public service broadcasting delivery, alongside possible ways of funding those options. They also asked what action stakeholders considered appropriate in the short term. The consultation produced a document that addresses the many and varied responses they received, and elaborates on the choices lying ahead, analyzing the options and their feasibility.

Consultation public from September 25, 2008 through December 4, 2008. Submissions were possibly through online form, email or mail.

About Ofcom:

Ofcom is an independent organisation which regulates the UK’s broadcasting, telecommunications and wireless communications sectors. They also set and enforce rules on fair competition between companies in these industries.

More documentation on Phase 2 is available on the Ofcom website.

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