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WAVE (Welcoming Argument Visualisation to Europe)

WAVE will deploy Debategraph, an innovative argument visualisation platform, in a multi-lingual, cross-border context. WAVE will target cross-border discussions on drafted and implemented legislation. These discussions will be facilitated on Debategraph so as to understand the impact of the proposed and implemented legislation. WAVE will feed back its results to MEPs and MPs that have affiliated with the project in order to ultimately join up with and inform at least three governments – the national governments of the three trial sites – UK, France and Lithuania. Uniquely, Debategraph will not only enable citizens and decision makers with differing points of view to more easily comprehend complex environmental debates; it will also empower them – through the use of a collaborative wiki – to work together in developing integrated feedback on legislation. Moreover, rather than merely visualising the results of individual debates, the WAVE project will depict the relationships between competing argument strands.

Ultimately, the key objectives of WAVE are to:

  1. Use the climate change debate to test the effectiveness of argument visualization tools in helping citizens from a variety of demographics to better understand complex issues, and
  2. Measure whether and under what conditions these tools can have specific impact on one of the most important and popular legislative agendas facing Europe – the environment.

The project is coordinated by the University of Macedonia in Greece.

  • Participating organizations: 8
  • Countries: 6 (Belgium, France, Hellas, Ireland, Lithuania, UK)

More information available at:

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