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Credit and store card consultation (BIS UK)

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills of the UK Government spearheaded by the Minister for Consumer Affairs, sought to consult the public on credit and store card usage, fee charges, interest rates and customer service in order to be able to advise the public better on the credit card system and come up with solutions for more transparency.

To quote:

We want to secure a better deal for consumers, giving them improved control of their credit and store card borrowing, whilst also ensuring that any intervention is proportionate, transparent and targeted. We believe that changes to the regulatory regime are likely to be necessary to achieve this. It is therefore important to hear the views of consumer groups, the credit industry and consumers in general to ensure that our approach to reform is appropriate and that we avoid any unintended consequences that could arise from the implementation of any regulatory reforms.

The project was an enhanced Wordpress site, official government documents were embedded with Scribd and there was video and audio supplementary material.

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