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Manor Labs

Manor Labs is the official research and development division of the City of Manor, Texas. Participants can contribute ideas and solutions for the City of Manor.

From the Spigit blog: Gov 2.0 – City of Manor Taps Citizens’ Ideas for Improvement

With the recent launch of its Spigit-powered citizens’ idea platform, Manor is establishing a common space for citizens to share their ideas on how to improve city operations. Ideas are collected based on the different departments of the city: administration, development, information technology, municipal court, police department, public works, utility billing, economic development.


The value here is finding good ideas and engaging the public on a regular basis, rather than every few years during an election cycle. Ever try to communicate an idea to a government agency? How would you go about doing that in a way that lets you continue to do the things that make up your life: family, jobs, pursuits.

The dedicated digital commons for all citizens: town hall meets the Web.

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