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Greater Downtown Area Plan

From the about page:

Downtown Kansas City is undergoing a transformation, experiencing an eruption of economic development in excess of $4.5 billion. This rebirth has been impressive, but we can do more. Many neighborhoods adjacent to the downtown loop are experiencing diverse challenges, such as increasing development pressures without adequate plans, economic distress, and inadequacies in housing and infrastructure. In addition, there are mounting concerns about the impact of our city on ecological systems, the need to stoke ou rlocal economy, and overall quality of life.

The Greater Downtown Area Plan will create policies designed to solve these challenges while continuing development and addressing the needs of all neighborhoods in the Downtown Area.

The site offers various ways for participants to give feedback:

Listening is a core value of our team. It is the planning team’s responsibility to create a plan that matches the needs and desires of the public, and listening to public feedback ensures that recommendations made in the plan are accurate.

All of our efforts are directed towards making an implementable plan, a plan whose recommendations actually come to fruition, but it is public support, your support, that is most important in ensuring the plann is properly used.

Please, tell us what you think. Join the forum and discuss what you want to see happen in your area. Post photos of city scenes you like or areas that could be improved on our flickr group. Go ahead; we’re listening.

As part of the project, two Kansas City schools participated in an art project to collect community stories from young students for a “community memoir”. One of the resulting word clouds is shown here:

Woodland Elm community stories word cloud
The site uses Flickr.

The discussion forum runs on Yet Another version

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