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From the about page:

About Reboot

Welcome to, the Federal Communication Commission’s website for discussion on how to transform the FCC into a model of excellence in government.

The FCC is beginning an overhaul of the way it interacts with citizens, including a complete and comprehensive redesign of and its online systems. The reform initiatives at the FCC expand well beyond the website redesign. The focused attention of these reform efforts will be citizen interaction and participation, usability, accessibility, and transparency across the agency.

To help jump start innovation and reform, Chairman Julius Genachowski appointed a team of senior leadership within the agency dedicated to identifying the most needed and important areas of reform at the FCC, ranging from systems and data to rules and processes.

Through Reboot, you will be able to learn about the progress of the reform agenda and help craft the direction by sharing your thoughts and visions on how to make the FCC a model of excellence in government.

In the coming months, you will notice many frequent changes to this site as we begin integrating redesigned and upgraded elements into We encourage you to check back often, share your voice and ideas, and take part in the progress.

We look forward to hearing from you.

For their first “featured discussion”, the site uses Uservoice: Rules & Processes: How could the FCC become more efficient?-

The site also offers a traditional feedback form:

Give us Feedback! -

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