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Welcome to ParticipateDB, the digital engagement catalogue.

Over the past 20 odd years, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of information and communications technologies in support of public participation and civic engagement efforts. Around the world, people and organizations are learning to integrate technology to achieve stronger outcomes. Digital engagement (often referred to as e-participation or online community engagement) is here to stay!

ParticipateDB tracks the tools and services that make up this quickly emerging landscape. Project examples provide insights into the many ways these technologies are being applied in practice. And the resource section collects third-party information for additional context, from product white papers to academic case studies.

ParticipateDB is brought to you by , a digital engagement firm based in San José, CA (USA). Launched in September of 2009, the site has quickly grown to become the most comprehensive directory of its kind in the world.


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ParticipateDB contains 340 tools, 297 projects and 247 references. There are currently 82 contributors.